Coldest Air of the Season to hit next week, then leave.

A highly amplified pattern develops in the beginning of next week to start off the New Year. After a relatively mild weekend, temperatures will plunge late Monday and into Tuesday to levels we have not seen since last winter. Widespread single digits and teens will be the story. Having said all of that, the snapshot of the scene Monday night shows exactly what this winter’s plague has been for the last two months now.

A big ridge over top the high plains will moderate those temps in a hurry for much of the east by mid-late week. You can even see this on the Dynamic tropopause map – an extremely resurgent warm air mass with southern connections. The image below courtesy of Dr. Ryan Maue.

It’s encouraging to see such a strong surge of cold air force it’s way through, which continues to add to my theory that winter may try to really make a run for it in the end of January and into February. Still nothing to get excited about in the near term though.

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