Cold Air Blast Followed by Snow, Oh NO!

The snowy pattern continues in the east. A couple of clipper systems will drop through today and tomorrow. I’ll be suprised if anyone gets more than a couple inches from the two of these combined. There is just not a lot of moisture to work with and very little in place dynamically to get strong enough lift. Quiet and cold until the middle part of next week and that is where things start to get interesting.

*The GFS cuts a low pressure center up into the Ohio valley on Wednesday and Spawns a coastal low Wednesday night into thursday that blows up into a big snow storm on the eastern seaboard. Keep in mind that this is still several days away so I will not be doing a map for it just yet, but the potential is well on the way. Places like New York, Providence, and Boston need to moniter this very closely by virtue of the fact they already have an enormous amount of snow on the ground and on roof tops. What has been a very active winter could turn dangerous very quickly.

Also, Places that have missed out on the snow like Central PA – you could be in for some major accumulations too. I am going to have to study this a bit more to see what the potential wintry impacts are on the southern front, but my gut feeling is that the south will be dealing with mainly rain and thunderstorms. Preliminary map will be posted tomorrow – until then..

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