Forecast Discussion 9/16/2013

Current Conditions: At 17:46 UTC 9/16/2013 The Temperature at Stony Brook University’s South P lot weather station was 66.5˚F with a wind out of the North at 10 mph, gusting to 14 mph. Across the region temperatures range from the mid to upper 60’s A large area of cloudiness lies just to the south of Long Island offshore in connection with a cold front, another area of clouds exists over much of New England and New York State while a clearing trend has become evident over much of Southern Connecticut and Long Island. 

Discussion: A 500mb shortwave trough is currently traversing the New England Region, while some ridging is building in behind it across central Canada on into the Great Lakes Region. At the surface a cold front is currently draped just offshore of the New England coast and stretches west towards the Mississippi River Valley. High pressure is in control over the Northeast and its counter clockwise circulation pattern ensures a general north to northwest wind across the tri-state area.

Forecast: Weak upper level ridging takes over between now and the middle of the week. At the surface high pressure will remain in control for several days with a gradual warming trend towards the end. By the weekend another cold front is expected to approach the area.


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