A Sunny Return

A temporary end of the rainy period has arrived, and fittingly is began during the second half of mother’s day. Most of May to this point has been characterized by rain, cloudiness and cool temperatures. Last week we collected around an inch and a half of rain This compensates in part to an extended dry period we had in April which contributed to a 0.70″ deficit for the month of April – one now long forgotten. 

Radar is scanning clear and the Satellite picture shows us with clear skies overhead.

Surface analysis: Look for high pressure to continue to settle in gradually here over the next couple of days. A cold front approaching late in the day on Friday and brings with it our next chance for unsettled weather and dreary conditions.

For Today – Sunny Skies for the most part – don’t be surprised to see some of those scattered clouds. Gusty west winds with a high in the upper 60’s

Things really cool down tonight as skies clear out and the winds calm down, I expect temperatures to touch the upper 30’s in a lot of places.

The nice weather should stick around until Friday, when we have to watch out for more of that rain we’ve been talking about.


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