Late week – Mid March winter threats emerging

Another clear calm night set the stage for an unseasonably cold beginning to the week this morning. Low temperatures fell into the teens state wide but changes are on the way. High pressure cresting overhead will begin to fade to the east this afternoon and allow some milder air to work its way in. 

Abundant sunshine will give way to increasing high clouds this afternoon with high temperatures in the lower and middle 40s state wide.  A warm front will approach the region by tonight with some showers developing during the predawn hours. Temperatures may be cold enough in some inland valleys for some of this rain to freeze on contact. Any icing will be brief and confined to before sunrise but be wary that a few predawn slick spots may develop especially near the Massachusetts border.

The warm front lifts north of the region by tomorrow while the parent low of this system occludes and wraps up in central Canada. Tuesday will feature clouds, mild temperatures and a few rain showers but it will be far from a washout. Don’t be surprised if you see a few breaks of sun. A steadier round of rain will come through Tuesday overnight into early Wednesday morning. Mild and dry weather will follow for afternoon.

The weather turns colder Wednesday night through the end of the week. One intriguing thing about the guidance for the end of the week is the development of blocks in greenland and the bering straight.


Rather persistently so too, here’s a look at the 5 day averaged anomaly from the GEFS for late next week.


This pattern will force cold air from the arctic south, helping the amplify the upper level flow regime – enhancing the storm threat. It’s this winter’s last hurrah developing? Winter weather is definitely in play beginning by Friday into the weekend for New England but the specific details of these threats still need time to resolve. At face value a weaker system comes near us Friday and perhaps a more significant system by Sunday. Stay tuned.

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