Mild through mid week with late week cold

Well congratulations! Today is the first stereotypical March day across Connecticut with occasional rain showers and temperatures that will crawl through the 40s up to around 50ºF by later this afternoon and early evening. This is not a washout but you are going to want the jacket if you are venturing out today. Despite near or above normal temperatures it will feel cold. 

While mild air is invading much of the western northeast, a cool marine influenced southeasterly wind is keeping much of Connecticut on the raw side of things. Rain showers will continue to work in from the west with some steadier light rain especially along the shoreline beginning late this morning  and continuing into this afternoon.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.04.16 AM

Light rain will become more spotty in the mid to late afternoon, then a cold front will approach the region tonight and pass through by sunrise Wednesday. More steady light rain will develop this evening and fall overnight before tapering by daybreak. Skies will gradually become clear with sunshine emerging for the afternoon Wednesday. It will be more comfortably mild with highs in the upper 50s.

Weak high pressure will build in late Wednesday into Thursday, but a northwesterly wind will keep those temperatures on the downward trend through the end of the week. An area of low pressure will pass to our south on Friday. It may be close enough for some light snow or snow showers to fall, but this is a weaker and more progressive system with lower end accumulations. A second snow chance Sunday will feature a deepening area of low pressure in the Carolinas but at this point looks too far south to favor significant impacts.

It is a flatter, progressive flow regime:


A third snow chance early next week looks like a clipper system swinging down Monday night into Tuesday of next week. As it stands now, no major storms are in the forecast, but a transition to a colder, more active weather pattern keeps us on alert. After all, it is still March.

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